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ok as u wish :)

can u give me u server scrpit me and my frienmds will re host this server if u agreed :)  plz

VC:MP Clans / [xTr] xTremers clan [members and three admin needed]
« on: May 12, 2013, 09:18:10 am »
* Homepage :
* Country  : International
* Clan tags  : [xTr],[X]
* Irc (Echo) : i need member for this
* Leaders :  FastShooter
* Co-Leaders : Moiz[PK]

my name fast shooter and i start a clan by name of [xTr] xTremers my server will ready in 2 or 3 days
i need 3 more admin for irc, forum and for server and also we need lot of members.
if u intrest to join our clan than u can register at

first three people who register and make post for admin application will considerd as admin

i am the clan chief and my patner is Moiz[pk] server owner

and my server scripted by Darkai

i hope that many people join our clan as i wish

this is the old admin of clan and replacement

[xTr] bachan [Chief]        new admin        [xTr] FastShooter

[xTr] jaanzaib [irc manager]

[xTr] Fast Shooter [server admin]       new admin           [xTr]Moiz

[xTr] farooq [server co admin]

[xTr] chillar [forum manager]

thank u

reguard [xTr] xTremers clan chief


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