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VC-MP Client Proccess hog issue.

Started by Hanney, August 13, 2007, 08:44:23 PM

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Hi sometimes when after playing VC-MP when i quit GTA VC the VC-MP client's starts hogging up all of my process usage so when i open up task manager i then see that vcmp.exe in the processes tab is taking up 98% of process usage. I then have to then close the client then re-open this isnt a big problem for me but can become annoying sometimes especially if VC-MP crashes ingame and then i try to relaunch it again quickly.

I have had this problem since i got my new PC so i think it could be the problem. This problem occurs with me in 0.3/x/z and it dosent happen with a similiar browser that is the SA-MP one. I dont have any idea of what could be causing this strange problem.