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Skin class issue

Started by PMP, August 15, 2007, 12:38:19 AM

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I wanna know more about setting classes, can you help me by posting a small tuturial on this?
And also I can't change the skins cause when I do that and pass by them at the selection screen it stucks in that skin.


Umm im gunna be messing with them the sarve


Quote from: Watti on August 15, 2007, 05:32:57 AM
Umm im gunna be messing with them the sarve
I know that watti.  :P
BTW talk to me on msn.  ;)


I think the problem is because you have mixed special characters (ID's 97 - 129) and normal characters together in your config.ini.

If you have no deathmatch, then you set your skins this way: First class description, then under that all the skins you have in the class:

ClassDescription = <your class name>
Class = <team> <skin> <spawn coordinates> <skin weapons>

<team> sets your skins team and the colour what they seem in the map. If you set Team = -1, then your team is independant, and team members can kill each others. <skin> sets the skin ID you want. <spawn coords> sets the coordinates where you player spawns. Last are the weapons, maximum 3 weapons, set like this: weapon1_ID we1ammo weapon2_ID we2ammo weapon3_ID we3ammo. If you set no weapons, then set weapon ID 0 and ammo 0. For example:

ClassDescription = FBI
Class = 3 3 509.0229 511.6066 12.1061 181.5437 25 300 20 50 0 0


I got that but can someone tell me the team color codes?