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Server wont let me enter?

Started by Grovyle, August 15, 2007, 01:22:47 AM

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This is weird...

I will explain anything.
Start to End.

Ok first bla bla bla i had fun in VC:MP ...
Then i goed download VC:MP 0.3z Windows Server to i make my own server for the first time.
After some problems i did it... :P
I goed to the... the... oh yeah, the vcmp-svr.exe and then to rcon.exe
I connected to the RCON.
With my server on the Favorites, i typed password, RCON password, then goed to play.
But heres the thing, It woulnd't Go out of "Connecting to xxxx.x.x.x:xxxx"
Can someone PLEASE help me, it is IP of Server problem or i configured something wrong? ???
Also i configured the config.ini :P

Have fun,

PS: I also PMed... VercettiG or what was his nick...


Don't connect to the RCOn, just add the server to favorites and connect.
I did it like that.


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Reason: Problem Solved ::)