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Critical Update: New 0.3z Server Browser and Announce files required

Started by bakasan, August 09, 2008, 11:35:15 AM

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Due to an unfortunate situation beyond our control, the VC:MP Masterlist must be moved from its current server.  This means that in order to continue seeing VC:MP Servers on the Internet tab of your Server Browser, you must download the updated Server Browser below.  Server Admins will need to get the updated Announce files for their servers to be shown on the Internet tab of the new browser.  The final transition will take place by August 14th.  From now until then both browsers and announces will operate independently - servers with old announce will show only on the old browser while servers with the new announce will show only on the new browser.  This is less than ideal, but we were left with no choice but to post this update.  

The current VC:MP Browser and Announce files will stop working by next weekend!
You MUST at least update your Server Browser or else you will not have servers on you internet tab.

Download this:

This contains the new 0.3z Server Browser and both Announce files (linux and windows) all in one zip file:


Here is just the Updated Server Browser:

Here is just the Updated Announce file for linux:

Here is just the Updated Announce file for windows:

The main downloads for 0.3z Client and both 0.3z Server packages now contain the updated files so you can just re-download the files and reinstall if you prefer.  This also means that new players will already be on the new browser and announce files, so you may as well make the switch now as well.

On the positive side, the Server Browser has been Updated with a few changes/improvements.  For instance: with the new browser, if you already have a browser running and you try to launch another one, it just brings the instance that is already open to the front rather than showing the "You can only have one instance of the browser running" message.  There are some other changes, but you can see them when you try it.  

This situation came up rather suddenly, leaving us to scramble a bit. We hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This affects all VC:MP 0.3z players and servers.

Please spread the word so that some people are not left wondering why there are no more servers on their browser.  

Thanks alot!  

We continue toward 0.4....  ;D