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"Checksum failed 'pedstats.dat'"

Started by Flat Face, April 14, 2011, 10:25:22 AM

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Flat Face

Hi guys, I used to play VCMP but I have no idea what this means :lol:

CRC32 checksum failed: 'data/pedstats.dat'


After some looking, I've noticed it means that my file's modified and I do modify files but I don't think that was modified.. I tried getting a different version of it from the LC mod I have *assuming it would be the stock VC one* and I still get the error?


Mod obviously, use a clean version.
and just apply visual mods to the game, like huds and radar, cars etc.


OutlawZ is right. Although I think this might be fixed in 0.4 (default file loaded by game from the dll/flt?).