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In reply to the !top snippet creator

Started by rulk, April 19, 2011, 08:35:35 PM

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Not sure why the topic is locked, but this is directed at the snippet creator.

This is what i like to see my man, a FULLY commented snippet.

you showed a good understanding of your objective and demonstrated this by providing brilliant comments throughout the snippet.

Nevermind if it is not as 'speedy' as you would like. you will be able to optimise it as time goes by, and you become aware of more efficiant methods.

GOOD JOB my man! keep it up!


bob the builder!
bob the builder.


I see the first topic got locked. Anyways, rulk, I'm glad to see you appreciate the amount of work I put into the script and the comments. I like to comment my code so that if I ever release a snippet or gamemode, other people can use it as a reference to learn from. Like you said, it might not be the speediest, but I'll learn with time, so once again, thanks! :)