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VC:MP - Clanwars

Started by Aaron, June 30, 2007, 04:43:14 PM

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VC:MP - Clanwars

I was thinking it would be fun if VC:MP had clanwars like MTA used to.

3 Rounds.

Round #1 & #2 - (ATK-DEF Rounds[2]) One team chooses a base, that team defends it, the other team attacks, the defending team cannot leave base. (1 Person can leave to get hp as long as there is someone still defending base).  Same goes for the defending team.
The winning team will be awarded 1 Point.
(Bases reachable by foot can only be used).

Round #3 - TDM - (Team DeathMatch) on Starfish Island, Each team starts on each side of the map.
Fight to the death, last team standing wins. 1 Point will be awarded to the winning team.

Clanwar Rules,
No Helikilling.
Carkilling Allowed.
No Glitching of ANY KIND.
Only weapons M4, Shotgun, Colt45 & Grenades may be used.
I Don't think this will be possible in 0.3x or z, cause of crashes.
But maybe 0.4 will be more stable, who knows  :)
What does everyone else think?  8)


Yeah, that's good idea. But honestly, there wasn't any clanwar since like 6 months -,-' And I'm not sure if there will be any... maybe after 0.4 release. So seems like we have to wait ._.

Another thing: There are only few clans which got active members - DnA, CP and KFJ >_> So, you see... it's gonna be hard... but I like your idea. :)


But other players can would to disturb them. Or create other server with pass just for this game mode :)


I'm sure someone will host an official Clanwar server,
People would also use their clans private server. ;)


Gulk, every1 knows what is a Clan War and i think most of us in here did it at least once. :) 

In my opinion 0.3 (.a, .x, .z,...) isn' t a good version for Clan Wars so, like adamale said, the only thing we can do is to wait until 0.4 comes out where there should be some interesting change from 0.3 (at least, we hope so). ;) And yeah, i don' t see so much Clans in VC:MP like time ago, so who will do these CWs? ::)

I suggest you to create tournaments 1 vs 1 in the time we wait for 0.4, it would be cool and more people would be interesting in VC:MP. :)


Quote from: TonynhO on June 30, 2007, 06:04:13 PM
so who will do these CWs? ::)
I think the release of 0.4 will bring alot of new players / clans :)


LoL, that' s what i said, let' s wait for 0.4! ;D ...and if it will be like we are hoping, i can assure that it won' t bring only new players, but many old clans will come back too! ;)


The PAWN scripting in 0.4 will probably allow you to do almost everything with your server, even clanwars and stuff. Just be patient...


Are there any clans which would like to take part in a 1 vs 1 clan deathmatch tournament? If there are enough clans, it may be possible to create a little unofficial tournament for few clans.



Oh man gulk, this is not mta mate. I dout you could bring oli, master and em in here, they are too busy with mtasadm, even master is just recently joining the betateam. And almost goes same to me, i dont think i could bring the whole xe crew in here, but if i did, muhaha!  Ill think about it tbh, got some good players i could bring in. :P Would be fun though, i remember back in the old days mta, being beaten by HoT because of thier lag/warping/glitching



Well, if you do make a server/script for this, you can count on a 2-3 players from rockstar assasins but i agree with tonynh0 lets wait for vcmp 04