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VC:MP Clans / [TZ] The Zetz
« on: August 06, 2013, 08:44:10 am »

* Homepage : oor
* Country  : International
* Clan tags  : [TZ_T], [TZ_R] & [TZ] ,Trial >Trainee >Rookie >Full
* Irc (Echo) : Lunet/ #TZ
* Leaders :  Nadeem
* Co-Leaders :  Pιεяcε

The Zetz is an old vcmp clan .This clan was official opened by 'KostPozz' [Nilz] .TZ took part in Vice war 2 too .TZ was an active clan of vcmp ,TZ's used to play in 'Sky City ' server very much.There were too less members in TZ but was strong enough .Faithful,loyal and skilled members .But due to some inconvenience few members left TZ ,all of them were friends of each other.Then,TZ was of 5-6 members only .
Nadeem joined the TZ before the closing of TZ .Kronoz was a faithful and loyal member till the end but later Kostpozz decided to close the TZ in the year 2011, due to less and inactive members.[KostPozz]Nilz joined DZ after closing TZ .
Kronoz left TZ too and joined DZ as well.
'Nadeem' reopened the clan on 31 March 2012 with Speedo [Shade].Speedo was first trainee of TZ .
Later on Rathan,Sufiyan joined the TZ as trainee.VercetiSs joined the TZ as Full member on April 9 .
TZ was growing  very fast .Mr.[X]  ,Azeem ,BlackSlick [BooX] and Vegeta[Benz] and old TZ member 'Shotng' joined the TZ and TZ became more strong .
On May 5,'Shawn'  and on May 13 _xXx_ [Hussain ] joined TZ as Trainee.
On May 19 ,Pradyu,SpazEr,Ankur and Gurwinder joined TZ as Trainee and Gangster joined as Rookie.
On may 29 Soupboyz and Kingston joined TZ as trainee and Phoenix joined as Rookie.
In the  starting of month June ,Astaroth,Andres,U[N]sZ,SaFeer,WordSworth,Aneey,SupremeLord,OuT_LawZ,Hot_Fire,Lance and Shotgun joined As Trainee.
Nilz joined TZ as Leader ,SFi7z as Full member again on July 14.
In the same month Shadow,Ghost_fire,pichingo,Dany,Xoomer ,Kittrell ,Zatch,Agent[k],NT5,Chester,PuMa joined TZ as well.In the month of August,Armadly[Kratos],Virus,Diana ,Sher,Pegasus ,Superkiller joined TZ .
On August 17 ,Nilz the clan,and Nadeem was only leader left.Usman,Riders,razor,Sam and izaki  joined TZ in the month of September.
In the November,Zeino joined the TZ once again,he was member of old TZ too,ShadowNightx joined TZ in the same month.JackDawZ ,Soldier[Secret_boyz] joined TZ in the month of December .On 29 December SpazEr was elected for co leader,Outlawz and soupboyz as Global moderators.
In the month of January Furious_Knight joined the clan .
In Feburary ,Xoomer and Goku joined TZ  .Ra[7]z joined tz in the month of March 2013.Shadow.x joined us once again in the month of June.Deadmen joined us as Trial on August 26.Safeer promoted to Full Member and Klitz promoted to Rookie on 26 August.Outlawz / Thompson joined us once again on September 9.
Girl joined in October 2013 and Dante joined on November 22 ,2013. Boox,Eagle and Shawn left the clan in November 2013
Spazer,Superkiller,Soupboyz,WordSw0rth,SupremeLord and Shawn are old TZ members and are with us from a long time.They have too much contributions in TZ.
Nowdays TZ's recruitment system is strict as compared as to past's system. TZ is growing day by day and hopefully will be in vcmp forever :)

You can join our clan HERE

You can see our Xfire page HERE

You can join our IRC channel HERE

You can like our facebook page HERE

You can follow us on Twitter HERE

Clan Roster

Online Flash Roster : Here [UN-Registered people can see too]


*OuT_LawZ / Thompson


Total members: 23

Past Members


*Az33m ( Left )

*BlackSlick (Kicked)

*MiA[M]i (Kicked)


*Ankur (Left)

*Phoenix (Kicked)

*Andres (Left)

*Sidhu (Kicked)

*MeLiSa (Kicked)

*Kittrell (Left)

* Zatch (Left)

* Nilz (Left)

* Shadow (Left)

* Diaz ( Left )

* U[N]sZ(Left)

* SFi7z(Left)

* appu( Left )

* Astaroth(Left)

* WaVe(Left)

* Pichingo(Left)


* Sufian(Left)

* dila(Left)

* PuMa(Left)

* Ares(Left)

* Jonas(Left)

*Shotgun (Kicked)

*Gurwinder (Left)

*NT5 (Kicked)

* Majaja (Left)

* Usman(Kicked)

* Samin( Kicked )

* Sam(Kicked)

* Izaki(Left)





*Xoomer( Kicked )

*NightRider( Kicked )




*Shoting/LapinsaN (Kicked)

*Liska(Kicked inactivity)

*Royal(Kicked inactivity)











*Vercetiss(Left vcmp)


*Agent[k](Left Vcmp)

*Xoomer(Kicked.Didn't complete his trial.)











List updated on  May 19, 2014 Monday

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sry i didnt make new topic only changed the question

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