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*r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« on: September 13, 2012, 06:01:26 am »
  • Server Name: *r2  Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
    Server IP:
    Gamemode: Zone G@ngster - Ver 2.0
    Owner's: [RL]LOkilL0, [RL]Kartikey & Player787
    Echo: / #RealG4Life-Server.Echo
    Scripts: RealG4Life's v2.0 by [RL]LOkilL0, Player787 and Madara special help!
    Credits: The RealG4Life Give Thanks For: iL.Ariel
    Slots: 45
    Server Type: *Squirrel SQL*
    Server Forum: www.Red-Lions.Net



1. No drive-bying.No Excessive Heli-Killing.
2. No team Killing.No Shooting in events.
3. No Shooting at Sunshine-Autos.No Shooting in the Bank.
4. No Cheating of any kind.No Glitching.No SpawnKilling
5. No Hack's, No Suck, No Minigun, No Bug's
>> No Spamming/Flooding.No advertising.

Commands for Registered Users:
  • register - Register an account on server!
    login - Used to login on server.
    level - Displays your level!
    server - displayes some information about server
    stuntbike - Enables / Disables stunt bike!
    stats - <ID-On-Off-Yes-No> Displays yours and statics of other users.
    profile - see your whole history in the server.
    wstats - Displays Weapon Statics of your and other users.
    bstats - Displays Body statics of your and other users.
    cash - displays your & other's cash.
    wep - Gives your free weapons! ( Can be used as multi wep to ).
    spawnwep - set your own spawnweps!
    forsale - A List of forsale Cars, Bikes, Props, Aircrafts etc!
    loc - Displays your distance, direction, location and status Clans For Location!
    hunt - Actives Man hunt!
    hunted - Gives some information about hunted player!
    hitman - <player> <price> <time> Activates
    hitming - Gives some information about hitman player!
    script - Displays some information about script
    rules - A List of rules!
    admins - A List of active admins!
    hide - Removes your marker from the radar!
    heal - Sets your health to 100.
    newpassword - Set your new password.
    goto - Teleport to a player <On/Off>
    gotoloc - Teleport to a saved location!
    saveloc - Save a location!
    clanstats - Displays statics of a Clan.
    eject - Ejects you from your vehicle.
    brb - Enters you in Brb mode!
    back - Exits you from brb mode.
    cd - Begins the Countdown.
    report - Report a cheater.
    rank - Displays top 5 killers.
    crank - Displays top 5 Clan Kills.
    pos - Know your Position in Death War!
    cpos - Know Position of a clan!
    tag - Know your & others Rank Tag.
    ping - Displays your and others ping.
    cardrive - Teleport you to your car.
    fog - Change the weather to fog!
    night - Sets weather to night.
    rain - Brings the rain in server.
    sunrise - Sets time to sunrise!
    gw - Sets the Good weather!
    clearmsg - Clears your chat window.
    withdraw - Withdraw your money from bank.
    spree - Displays players on a killing spree.
    fix - Fix your vehicle.
    autofix - No damage your vehicle.
    lms - Actives Last Man Standing Mode!
    join - Join to Last Man Standing.
    buycmds - A List of property / Vehicle Commands!
    cashcmds - A List of Dollars & Euros and converter.
    cscmds - A List Commands of Counter Strike Mode.
    host - Displays the hosting time of server!
    fight - Teleports you to fight zone!
    disarm - Disarms you.
    irc - Displays information about IRC!
    flip - Flips your vehicle.
    ff - Flips and Fix your vehicle!
    drunk - Sets you Drunk x_x.
    undrunk - UnDrunks you!
    All Commands can be used with ! or /c.

there are twice mentioned commands and some unique features that I can not even q mensionar this the server online as deserts commands and functions are unique and I own a certain commands that now some of your servers use them Thanks for Your attention and compression!


  • Clan Districts
    Last Man Standing
    Counter Strike Game.
    Gangwar Ingame.
    Property System
    Vehicle System
    Forbidden & Invalid Names
    Advertising Names
    Weapons Stats
    Bodypart Stats
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Re: *r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2012, 06:47:44 am »
I hope everyone enjoys their stay and feels welcomed by the other players and
staff.Our goal is to make your vcmp experience the best one.
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Re: *r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2012, 10:37:51 am »

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Re: *r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2012, 07:47:18 pm »
good work keep it up

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Re: *r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2012, 10:19:31 pm »
Nice server bro

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Re: *r2 Real G4 Life Server* ^Gangster^
« Reply #6 on: September 30, 2012, 09:37:56 pm »
thanks to all, nice brother's >D