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VC:MP Clans / Re: Active Clans Active Players
February 15, 2009, 12:39:45 PM
Alright then.  Add some categories and organize it and make it look nice and also maybe change the topic title?  As I agree with Windlord, the topic title is misleading.  If you can get it looking nice though, I think you'll have something good here :P
VC:MP Clans / Re: Active Clans Active Players
February 15, 2009, 04:23:49 AM
This topic has no purpose.  All you are doing is simply listing VC:MP players and clans.  If you need to see the list of clans, then just see the clan topic.  And if you need to see 'active' players then just join the servers or join the mirc echo channel and see for youself who is playing.  If you keep adding players, your list is going to be massive and filled with every single player who plays VC:MP.  Honestly, a complete waste of a topic.  Also your list isn't always going to be accurate, unless you expect every single player to post here saying why they will be inactive, in which case you will be constantly making alterations to your list.
VC:MP Clans / Re: VC:MP clans
May 21, 2008, 02:45:59 PM
Quote from: cola on May 21, 2008, 02:28:45 PM
woot, the first one is copied from KFJ forums...
Second one from Littlewhiteys...

WOOT?  You think its funny to copy from other forums?  Are you fucking retarded?  You can't think of your own forum text or headings so you steal them from other forums and for what reason?  To save time?  Because you can't think of your own?  It just shows how immature you really are, and I hope one day you will create something and someone will steal it and take all the credit for it and then you wont be fucking saying "WOOT".
VC:MP Clans / Re: VC:MP clans
May 21, 2008, 12:09:58 AM
Quote from: cola on May 10, 2008, 07:18:19 PM
uhmm wait actually i dont know if it is appropriate thing but...
SoP is alive still...

Leader: Moe
Forums: http://forumsop.smfforfree2.com

What a prick, Moe has even copied all the headings and text layout from the KFJ forum.  He obviously cant think of his own shit...
General Discussion / VC:MP Dock Icon
September 14, 2007, 04:16:55 AM
Hey, I've been looking and looking for a nice simple VC:MP dock icon everywhere, in the end I gave up and decided to make my own one, feel free to download :)

The Dock Icon:

The icon in a dock:

This is for Stardock's ObjectDock

Download link:
--> http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/3275/vcmp3ex5.gif

How to install:
         ? Download the VC:MP3.gif
         ? Goto C:\Documents and Settings\<YOURNAME>\My Documents\Stardock\ObjectDock Library\Images (Unless your Stardock Folder is elsewhere)
         ? Place the image in this folder
         ? Drag a shortcut of your VC:MP normal icon into your Dock
         ? Right click on your VC:MP dock and select Dock Entry Properties
         ? Click change image
         ? Click Browse for an image...
         ? At the bottom of the window, click the down arrow where it says 'Files of type'
         ? Select 'All Files (*.*) and VC:MP3.gif should appear click it and press OK
Its a pretty simple Dock icon, based of the forum logo at the top :P
VC:MP Clans / Re: VC:MP clans
July 09, 2007, 11:37:09 PM
Posting on behalf of [DnA]oVeRdOsE:

Dark Negative Antisocial
     ? Country: International
     ? Leader: oVeRdOsE
     ? Co. leader: AnalBomb, OpHiDiAn
     ? Clan tag: [DnA]
     ? Homepage: http://dnaclan.wordpress.com
     ? IRC channel: #DnA