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Suggestions for Version 0.4

Started by matthiasvegh, July 25, 2007, 03:14:14 PM

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The most important thing is stability. No more stupid crashes and timeouts.

Another good things would be ability to create and alter better modes to the server. That would come by adding more aliases to control everything in the server. Most of VC:MP servers are now almost the same, only slight differences. But look at SA:MP, there servers have completely different modes, starting from racing mods to real RPG.

Also possibility to create commands act like system commands would be nice. No need to type "/c command" or "!command" (which would show to every player), only "/command" like in SA:MP.

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Quote from: Sip3ria on August 21, 2007, 10:18:42 PM
Vice city mission 9 mall shootout. when tommy gets to the mall with some french guy some french special forces called: GIGN

That would be the SWAT skin, id 002.

That's not SWAT skin, there's a slight difference between those. I don't think its available in VC:MP at the moment.


My suggestions what i want to add:

Map editor like in MTA SA with place objects etc.
and when you place a gate, you have a command like:
/opengate ID
/closegate ID
Like in SAMP


New commands like:
/carlights on/off


And creating checkpoints etc.
so you can race..
it would be nice if you then can set objects with the map editor
so you can make a course



And.. no skin problems anymore? :)


Hand weapons fix..
Like baseball bad, screwdriver, gold club, hammer etc.


The rest ;p

Cold Fusion 33

i suppose being able to type while driving wouldnt be too bad an idea...
and also support for windows vista ultimate.


i've got only 4 suggestion for vc-mp 0.4:
-maps are programed in pawno
-player can use pay'n'spray
-reconnect when lost connection to the server
-tabel with info about who kills who by what (like in sa-mp)


Whew whoops, theres a couple of skins not seen in VCMP, who wants to be BJ Smith or the Ice Cream lady?
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Quote from: matthiasvegh on August 19, 2007, 04:29:57 PM
defining pay & spray? um.. im not sure that  will be done in your kinda idea.. still... it was working in v.02.

What I meant was something like this:

0335: set_free_paynspray_to  1? (true)
0219:  2724?? = create_garage_type  5? from -914.129! -1263.54!  10.706! to -906.3! -1266.9!  14.421! front -907.137! -1246.626!
0219:  2728?? = create_garage_type  5? from -1014.341! -857.732!  6.325! to -1014.341! -841.532!  10.885! front -1001.315! -857.732!
03BB: set_garage  2728?? door_type_to_swing_open
0219:  2732?? = create_garage_type  5? from -886.157! -115.158!  9.992! to -876.7! -119.83!  15.58! front -882.699! -108.312!
0219:  2736?? = create_garage_type  5? from  323.9!  427.4!  10! to  313.9!  430.53!  15.7! front  326.3!  434.5!
0219:  2740?? = create_garage_type  5? from -7.55! -1253.77!  9.322! to  2.64! -1253.7!  14.4! front -7.55! -1261.2!
02A8:  236?? = create_marker  27? at -876.2! -105.5!  12!
02A8:  236?? = create_marker  27? at -3.8! -1265.8!  12!
02A8:  236?? = create_marker  27? at  319!  441.3!  12!
02A8:  236?? = create_marker  27? at -903! -1261.1!  12!
02A8:  236?? = create_marker  25? at -7.55! -1254.77!  9.322!

(that's just an example but all of the coords are correct)

Although I think scm is only a temporary solution until someone could code it into C++ or whatever language VC-MP's based on.

Another useful feature would be zonal radar. Meaning if you're in Washington Beach, only get the Ammunation radar markers from the Washington Beach area; not the marker from Downtown and North Point Mall.

Also, how about a text box instead of the ugly white text for the spawn menu?


I like that bold text, like in older versions in the chat :D

And maybe BB codes in the chat like:

[ b ] [ u ] [ i ] [ s ] :)

And that you can select a color for your chat text?

And... That you see the people getting in a car.. that they open doors..
Now you see somebody standing and vibrating behind a car and he is in a car..

And what would be nice..
That you can open/close the gates in starfish island :)

And..   /streetlights on/off :D


I'm not so sure bold text in the chat is a good idea, you wouldn't believe how many people I see advertising their servers or just spamming to get everyone's attention. Maybe if only the admins could use bold text, I'd go with that. Also stability once again, I understand how hard the developers are working and everyone is screaming "I DON'T WANNA CRASH!!!, FIX IT!!!, OMG HURRY UP YOU SUCK." But it be nice once in a while to reduce the flying glitch/reversing glitch.
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plz add a movie or images progress of vc:mp 0.4

My New Suggestions.
2:Pawno of SA:MP (all Functions And FilteScript Scriptfiles,Anticheat of MTA o samp)
3:Object Support.
4:Map Support (like vc:mp 0.2)
5:Support More Cars Pickups Objects etc... (2000)
6:Change Unable exception (like SA:MP)
7:Option of Desability text in Spectator Mode.
9:Fix All Weapons.
11:Posibility of Add Sound .wav (like CS).
12:Posibility of Enable HeadShot.
14:Update System Like MMORPG.
15:Sync Peds For Enable =D.

bye :P


well of cos... i have my say so here it is

- mIRC Enabled ~ for the first few months on scripting
- PAWNO Base ~ For Filter Scripts, and better stability of scripts
- Skins Stability ~ Some skins glitch to shit on my config.ini
- More Cars ~ of cos 180 is heaps but how bout 500 MAX
- Custom Interiors ~ have interiors and Add it to any house
- OpenGates Garages ~ FOr more Accessabilty
- Objects ~ Stairs, Heli Pads, Trees, Shop Keepers
- Peds ~ Jkz.. would be nice
- Pay and Spray ~ configerable in the Server.ini/Config.ini
- Better Name Tags ~ glitch in and out
- Enterable Planes ~ For funnies
- More Synced Door ways  ~ i glitch heaps on Dorres for interiors


And don't forget these things:

ID 0 problem..
and no skin problems anymore..

and i don't think its possible, but what do you think of a
Trafficlight Control


I was wondering..
has anyone tried using ALT+Character code??


ALT+character ?? ;o

And heres more for 0.4:

Helicoper (Chopper) and RC cars fix.. when enter or leave it gives a crash..
And ammunation fix and if it can.. easyer..

And not to forget.. like MTA..

That you can set the pickup id's of armour and health by ammunation for sale..

And if its possible (have seen in MTA:3) that you can buy cars..
Like in ammunation.. with weapons.. but then with cars (and yeah they are rotating)

When you buy it.. it spawns by a own-set cordinates (config.ini) :)


More..     That you can ahve more then 100 hp and armour.. and that it's showing
2. Helicopter bug .. When you enter it directly.. you fall down
3. New options for the config.ini:


You see the cars on the radar with a "."..

The idea above explains it self..

0 = No
1 = Yes
2 = only admin (logged in with /admin )


I would personally like the controls of VC:MP to be as close as possible to SA:MP.

Like for example, if we talk about the player list. In SA:MP it's TAB and VC:MP F5. I think in VC:MP it should be TAB also.


Problem is TAB is the default action key, most people are too lazy to bother changing it.
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