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Suggestions for Version 0.4

Started by matthiasvegh, July 25, 2007, 03:14:14 PM

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my say is, lets have a topic with suggestions for the upcoming release: 0.4
my tips::
not just ansi characters
Vcmp able to identify country of player
more menus, like cs
Stability (obviously)
Custom Maps
Clans get there own skin
Radio stations able to use an url playlist, so 4 example, vcpr will play a web playlist specified by admins
a central registration/stats server
more to come...



Ideas for next VC;MP release: CLICK!

There you can get my own idea (that i don' t want to write in here because someone will start to piss me off again...) and much more. :)


FPA=First Person Aim ie.: Snipers, Rocket Launchers


That' s called: FPS = First Person Shooter! ;D LoL


I just hope theres Fast Switch in the new version like on MTA and Single Player

please let there be fast switch in 0.4...then all the good players will come back and it will be much more fun to play._. instead of fighting the drive by n00bs that everyone hates so much --'

well just bring back fast switch and we will all be happy :)

Oh and an Auto Kick for high ping would own so we dont have to fight with the people from china in 15mins just to kill them..kurwa


A lot of the ideas in that other thread are stupid.  I saw a few people saying that the shotguns are to strong.  To Strong!?  Have you ever seen the kind of damage a real shotgun can do?

And what is this about not being able to kill people by running them over?  Shit, why kill people at all?  Why not turn it into a sims like game where you just walk around and talk to people?


hey  dude, this isnt World of Warcraft.
Quote from: Hawkeye on July 29, 2007, 08:24:59 PM
Have you ever seen the kind of damage a real shotgun can do?
yup, shooting like 10 bullets at a time, it makes the victim, something like spongebob.
an autokick could be done quite easy, or if not, you could simply build a ping filter in the server browser, but make it so that you cant see servers to where your ping is above 300 or sommin. but in worse situation, build it into rcon/rcondll so like, on join check ping if ping > 200 kick player.

i also want to see something near to dynamic spawning, and rcon to be able to check the skins players use.


you mean the ping kicker?
that has got mta to but in mta script is it runing slow and can make the server lagg.. so i hope it will be able at vcmp pawn

goodluck guys




add headshot of single player  ;D.
add a possibility of change vcmp for server
example: run mi server using a mi vcmp.scm and other`s players need a vcmp.scm of my server  ;D.
fix a gltich of stubby (don`t like mta)
possibility of modding al game (like mta:dm of videos)


stripping animations!!! nuff said

edit: and all the features of 0.2 (if they arent all already added) :D



make the tank more like in the normal vc but with no damage...


If VCMP will be PAWN can it have mIRC still cause i dont know Pawn and i dont wanna learn it, and it would be a great Convinoince if i can still use the mIRC scripts


Add the missing crap from Colonel's boat.


Pay n Sprays? Just define the garages, should work.

Add a speedometer, MPH and KMH.

Add the missing interiors.