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[Ka] - Kuslahden alaste Discussion Topic

Started by Juppi, March 28, 2008, 05:35:57 PM

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Clan Discussion

Since there's a board for VC:MP clans, i might start posting here by introducing the first clan.

[Ka] is a clan, which has been around about 4 years. We aren't just a VC:MP clan, lately most of our members have been playing SA:MP or CS:S. However there has been a small group which has (or has tried to be) active in VC:MP all the time. Now we are planning to come back with greater effort: servers, recruiting new players... Time will show how everything goes.

Some info about [Ka]:

Clan Website/Forum: ka-clan.net
IRC Channel: #Ka.clan @ irc.project-apollo.co.uk

Current members list:



This topic is for clan news or questions or discussion about the clan. :)


Im sorry to see that there still are some players that think [Ka] is a cheater clan. I have got questions from a couple of players and there was some discussion in the other topic, too. Here is my response as a clan leader.

Lately there have been a couple of cheating players or noobs who have pretended to be [Ka] members. As Roloboy posted to the other topic, these players (Zaido, Balli) have not been members of [Ka]. Balli was earlier nick of our co-leader, but he hasnt used it for months.

Cheating is not tolerated in the clan, and cheaters will be kicked out. Littlewhiteys admins have the list of current members, and everyone can see up-to-date list here. For my knowledge, not a single member of our clan has never been banned from littlewhiteys, not for cheating or any other reason. [Ka] was earlier known as a clan with nice members, and i really dont hope these pretenders have ruined what people think about us.


Who dares to think [Ka] is a cheating clan...
its the best clan ever ;D in GTA, led by Juppi


i hate that Zaido...

its a good news you got him
December 18, 2007
January 6, 2008


That dew made me thirsty*getting a drink*
well, i've got a few questions.
A. does Kuslahden alaste still exist? cause i've seen 0 members online;[
B. Didnt windy quitted VC:MP?
c.ool XD get rid of the dot.


A. Yes - Were mainly on our official servers (Miami-Dade) and the LU-IRC network.
B. No - He's scripting a new server for Miami-Dade



I know Ka from Deathkiss. We're good friends. I spoke to him yesterday. Sadly, he no longer has a computer and lost his Vice City.


Errrmmm DeathKiss retired from VCMP now!... :p


For those of you that haven't noticed, Ka have now got a VC:MP clan server running!

It's a simple Team Death-match server so come and join us at

Server IP: ka-clan.eu:5196
IRC Channel: irc.project-apollo.co.uk - #Ka.Deathmatch

We can hold a max of 18 players so don't all come at once! :P



Server has been updated with Fast Switch and Taxi Jump, as well as the new weapons available to us. IP a couple of posts up.

Mattz has also joined the clan!


28th February 2010, Ka became a tammering clan :D