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Tutorial presentation

Started by VercettiG, June 30, 2007, 05:26:20 PM

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This board is intended to be a community project. This means that anyone from the VC-MP community, can contribute with their knowledge in basic stuff. These tutorials are basically meant to be "How to's".

Before you decide to create your own tutorials, we'd like you to read this topic and especially this one: The Rules.

Tutorial Presentation

Well first of, we don't expect that much from you. Other than these basic guidelines:
  • Proper English: You should be able to speak proper English, otherwise people will have a hard time understanding your tutorials.
  • Typography: The presentation of your tutorial, depends alot on it's typography. Make sure that your tutorials is good looking, that it's easy to read and that it has "steps" people can follow.
  • BBCode: To have a good typography, you also need to have a basic knowledge on using the BBCodes. You can find a quick description on BBCodes here: http://forum.vicecitymultiplayer.com/index.php?action=help;page=post#bbc
  • Decent VC-MP knowledge: If you decide to create a tutorial, you should atleast have a proper knowledge on using VC-MP. And especially, on what you're deciding to post about. If you are unsure or unaware about something you are posting, it would be better to investigate & understand it, than posting it even though you don't know about it.
These are the basic rules for a good tutorial. You may want to see some other tutorials, they can be great examples on "how to". :)

Have fun posting! :D