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VC:MP clans

Started by Juppi, July 09, 2007, 08:09:36 PM

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ITA has been closed...
By me...
Maybe it will come back the next 2 years xD


Quote from: _Tommy on October 10, 2008, 07:31:57 PM
ITA has been closed...
By me...
Maybe it will come back the next 2 years xD
Too bad _tommy :( Well try to put you clan open again!

Cya, Knucis


Thanks Knucis :)
But i'm too much busy to be a leader...
I'm soo much inactive these days :S
Well... ciao man


[cg]clan carbongear clan
leader --- [CG]Indian
script ---- WSV
COUNTRy --- international


Quote from: rimal on October 26, 2008, 06:53:02 AM
[cg]clan carbongear clan
leader --- [CG]Indian
script ---- WSV
COUNTRy --- international

Errrr.... Be more specific..like this:

Clan name

    * Country: Is the clan international, or only for players from a specific country?
    * Leader(s): Who's the leader of the clan?
    * Co. leader(s): Are there any co. leaders? Who?
    * Clan tag: What is the tag in clan names?
    * Homepage: Does the clan have a website or a forum?
    * Clan server: Does the clan have a VC:MP server? What is its address (IP and port, e.g.
    * IRC channel: Does the clan have an IRC channel (if not @ GTANet's server, where)?
    * Other info: Is there anything else players should know about the clan?


      Unique Boys

      *Country: International
      *Leader: [UB]theking,[UB]callofduty14
      *Co. leader: [UB]Aldo
      *Clan tag: [UB]
      *Homepage: workin in our forum xD
      *Other Info: really good players with alor of manners


Nickname VC (new name coming soon)

    * Country: international
    * Leader(s): Shinder
    * Co. leader(s): Cuban,JCM
    * Clan tag: *NVC* (new one coming soon)
    * Homepage: www.nickname-vice.phpbb3now.com
    * Clan server: Server is not gonna be online till i find a host!!.
    * IRC channel: Nope
    * Other info: our clan is divided into 3 groups that have 3 rankings 1.The Role Players group 2.The Death matchers group 3.The Stunters and racers group


The Best Gangsters

  *Country: Poland;
  *Leader: Cpt.L@ska, Camillo, Pleban;
  *Co. Leader: ppp1992
  *Clan Tag: ^TBG^, ^TBGu^ (for students)
  *Homepage: www.bbvc.cba.pl
  *Clan Server:
  *Other info: Glitching clan



Pro Killers Clan

Country: Hungary
Tag: [PKC]
Co. Leaders: henry372, LaCeee92
Website: www.pkc-clan.gportal.hu


Vice Kings

Country: International
Tag: (VK)
Leaders: (VK)Randysbx (VK)Legolas


i wunna knw wen is ub clan gunna b official?????


...Juppi is inactive in this forum...


Carbon Gear
? Country: International
     ? Leader: Amenine
     ? Co. leader: Rad@on
     ? Clan tag: [CG],[CGr]
     ? Homepage: http://cg-carbongear.forumclan.com
     ? IRC channel: #Carbongear.vcmp
     ? Server IP:


Off Topic:Someone have posted with the clan copied from us..here have a look ..
Quote[cg]clan carbongear clan
leader --- [CG]Indian
script ---- WSV
COUNTRy --- international

Please dont add information posted regarding this member..


The Best Gangsters      :P

?   Country: Poland
?   Leaders: Pleban, L@ska, Camillo, ppp1992, HunteR, M@ster
?   Clan tag: ^TBG^
?   Homepage: http://www.bbvc.cba.pl/
?   Server IP: