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Suggestions for Version 0.4

Started by matthiasvegh, July 25, 2007, 03:14:14 PM

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lol... :D... Well.. Can we get if it is in PAWNO or in mIRC.. cause if its in PAWNO i best Learn it ..


Quote from: dave5 on September 17, 2007, 01:32:25 AM
Problem is TAB is the default action key, most people are too lazy to bother changing it.

So is it in San Andreas, but people aren't having any problems with SA:MP.


Other ideas:

/spawncar <car id>

Not in-game, but like SA-MP, it just spawns a new car like:

/spawncar 210 (= comet)


Respawns the car.

and not to forget..

/setarmour (Dunno why it is not in VCMP yet)


uh, set arm can be done via irc via rcon. dont know y u want it in base...
but, if u dont have an mirc script, just set the hp to 200. itl be like there wearing armo


No, in 0.3z you cant have more then 100 HP

And some other ideas:


Adds the vehicle directly in the config.ini and respawns directly.
And add behind the code for a vehicle in the config:  ; Added by %name

And maybe /echo a.k.a. /say ?

And in the code for vehicles (Like now, ID, cordinates, colors etc.) one for alarm (%?) and one for locked/unlocked and vehicle health (%?)


So can we have a scripting language it will be on?


Well, mostly of these ideas can be done with Pawn. Pawn is awesome.


I have some problems runnimg my server i forwarded ports and everything but the only thing i need is to change my server ip if anyone can help me this please if u can that will be great


ya um, what does your server prob have to do with the development of vcmp?
echo's would be nice, but, what about spammers?


And controls like in SA:MP

G >> Enter as passenger
F / Enter >> Enter or steal a car
ALT >> Walk as a pet.
SPACE >> Stop animation

Like /buy and /sell etc. SPACE to stop.. and not to forget the new /dance animation would be nice


BTW, what kind of progress there have been with 0.4? How much have you done it? And, when can we wait possible beta tests?


I think next to the server details in the client there should be a bit saying Yes or N/A if there are scripts or not.
This is what I mean:

It would help both players, server admins and server owners.

I also think Drive Bys should be less effective when it comes to being shot because theres nothing worse than having some guy ride around on a bike or in a car drive bying and taking complete advantage of the auto-aim. I'd rather be chased for hours on end in the hunter than have a person drive-bying me and having a minimum chance on being able to get away on foot.


@iKlipse: nice pic :D
um ye, you should be able to do more in the browser. maybe chat, but that could lead to spam.
Quote from: GTA-Roloboy on October 24, 2007, 04:13:20 PM
ALT >> Walk as a pet.
SPACE >> Stop animation
walk as a pet?? like a dog or something?? hmm, would be kinda funny, but i doubt its solvable. its not in gta engine :/


I still think drivebying should be something that could be enabled/disabled from the server configuration. :)


meh put an anti-crash prog where you cant crash anymore and if you crash then it restart automatic...